Seminar Information

Information on the Discover Your Destiny Seminar

God’s Word reveals the eternal destiny of every single person who has ever been born or will be born.

Therefore, this seminar is about you and your destiny!

Here are just some of the questions answered in the seminar:

  • What is my purpose in life?  Where did I come from?  Where am I going?
  • Is there life after death?  Do I just live and die and nothing else?
  • What happened to my loved ones when they died?
  • Can I really know what is going to happen to me?
  • Will I continue to exist, and if so, where?

God’s Word speaks clearly to these important matters, but the research has shown that too many who attend church on a regular basis are sorely lacking in their understanding of life, death, and beyond.  Please browse the following information and pray about attending or hosting a Discover Your Destiny seminar.

Seminar Format

The basic format of the seminar includes three sessions.  Each session is devoted to one of the three stages of existence revealed in the Bible, God’s Word.

  • Stage one is existence in a body.  This stage is called life.  Specifically it refers to your physical life from the moment of conception until its end at physical death.  In this session of the seminar you will discover where you came from, what is the purpose of your existence in a body, and how you can be prepared for the two stages of existence that will follow.
  • Stage two is existence out of a body.  This stage is called death.  Specifically it refers to the inevitable reality that you will experience physical death and at that moment enter into your second stage of existence.  In this session of the seminar you will discover what happens to you between the moment physical death occurs until you experience physical resurrection.
  • Stage three is existence back in a body.  This stage is called beyond.  Specifically it refers to your physical resurrection and what happens following it.  In this session of the seminar you will discover what kind of resurrected body you will have, where you will be, some of the things you will be doing, and the fact that your final stage of existence will never end.

Research has shown that those who have participated in a Discover Your Destiny seminar had a significant increase in their understanding of the biblical teaching about life, death, and beyond.  It further indicated the seminar is a valuable tool to help pastors and church leaders fulfill an urgent need to address the issues surrounding death and eternity.  There was high confirmation that those who attended the seminars had an increase in their level of comfort in facing death, and an increased sense of urgency in evangelism.  For a full account of the research conclusions and implications, check out the details here.

Seminar Flexibility

To cover the material in the seminar it is suggested that a minimum of one hour be scheduled for each session. This should give time for questions from the participants at the end of each session.  An additional 25 minutes for each of the surveys, opening and closing, will allow the church to know how they have grown in their understanding of life, death, and beyond.  Of course, the more time available the more opportunity people have to receive the information they need, and the more in depth examination of the Scripture text can be achieved.  The times and length of the seminar can be adjusted to meet the needs of the local congregation.  We could begin on Sunday morning with the subject introduced during the morning message, and conclude on Tuesday or Wednesday night.  The only difference being how much time is allowed in the evening services.  The value of a schedule that begins on Sunday morning, or even Sunday night, is that several may come to the seminar when they realize how helpful it can be in their lives.  If time is limited, the seminar can fit nicely into a Saturday morning to early afternoon schedule.

My goal is to minister to the needs of the local church.  I will work with you to determine the best use of our time together.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any special needs or requests.